Want to have a perfect fencing lunge?
Fencing Master will make you a professional!

What is Fencing Master

Fencing Master is a intelligent system for...


If you want to be a good fencer, you need to have a great physical condition and a very precise technique. Physical training can be done by anyone in almost any place, however if you want to have a good footwork and bladework, you need to practice a lot with a personal coach. Since there are only a few good coaches in Slovakia, this is not easy to achieve. Many other countries are in a similar situation, that is why the Fencing Master is very important.

Training modes

Is Fencing Master only for professionals? Not at all. Thanks to many different modes even the starting fencers can develop really fast.
Practice mode
This mode is developed to teach young fencers how to lunge properly.
Quick mode
How fast you think you can lunge? The Fencing Master will test your speed to it's finest.
Reflex mode
Are you good enough to challenge your fellow fencers at reaction time? Acquire the best reactions using this mode!
Coordination mode
This mode has been developed for true professional to practice the coordination of their mind and hands.
To learn about the different regimes click on the link down below.

„You guys did a great job developing the Fencing Master. I can't wait to get one to my club in Debrecen. We will really appreciate it, especially the young lads.“

Mihály Katalin

Professional hungarian fencer

Getting started

Fencing Master is surprisingly easy to use, all you need is a passionate fencing mood and dedication.

After the plug and play start-up you are in the main menu where you select one of the three main training modes. You return the menu after pressing the menu button. From the menu you can enter and exit the user friendly silent regime by pressing the menu button once again.

Your coach can access your data by connecting to the WiFi network generated by the Fencing Master.
SSID: FencingMaster
Password: masterfencing

Nothing can stop you now from using the Fencing Master to it's fullest potential.

Fencing Masters' development

How and why are we developing Fencing Master

FLL World Class Unleashed 2014

Fencing Master is the solution for education in the research project of Team Talentum for the FLL World Class Task.

We presented the Fencing Master at the FLL Semi Final South-east in Debrecen, where we won the best Research presentation price. See the video of our presentation

How it works...

The Fencing Master is controlled by a Raspberry Pi computer. There is a lack of documentation yet, but it is coming soon.

If you want to know how Fencing Master works write us an e-mail to: fencingmaser@talentum.net or you can take a challenge and study the source files, which are available for free.

Source files

We believe that Fencing Master can be a successful product. In order to keep it development going, we need a real development community.

If you are a geek than check out the source files and if you want you can help us with the firmware development.

Developers of Fencing Master

Fencing Master is mainly developed by these members of Team Talentum

Ádám Urbán

Main developer

Technical designer of Fencing Master. Responsible for the electronics and hardware.

Juraj Mičko

Main developer

Main software architect and Java programmer. Responsible for the firmware and network connectivity of Fencing Master.

Zoltán Szitás

Assistant developer

Developer of the Fencing Masters' foot sensor.

Zoltán Hanesz

Internal consultant

Internal consultant for fencing. Idea architect of fencing master. He is a passionate fencer.

Everybody from our team helped a contributed to the development with good ideas.

Team Talentum

Team Talentum work under the Talentum Cassoviensis Foundation. You can find more info about the foundation and about the team on:

Official website

Official wesite of Talentum Cassoviensis Foundation. Avaliable in Hungarian, English and Slovak.

Facebook page

Facebook page of the team.

Google+ page

We also have a Google+ page

Youtube chanell

Just started a Youtube channel, where we will put videos about our robot and competition.

Get in Touch

Jesenná 6, 040 01 Košice Slovakia, Tel: (055) 39 36 974


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